Teeth extraction?

Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Oral Surgery Los Angeles

The family dentist tries their level best to ensure that every family members’ dental health is in order, but sometimes even with regular check-up something still goes wrong. Teeth extraction Los Angeles is not exclusive to those individuals who do not get thorough floss and brush or those who are ignorant about regular check-ups. Any […]

There are 4 Types of Pre-prosthetic Surgeries

Dentist with patient holding mirror.

Many patients require pre-prosthetic surgery Los Angeles before getting dental prosthetics like dentures. These are the surgical procedures that are used to prepare the mouth for prosthetics. Normally, the prosthetic is placed on the bone ridge which has to be prepared and made smooth for a perfect fit. Pre-prosthetic surgery is used to shape the […]

Your Oral Health is Important to Us

Oral Health and Dental Health

Oral pathology is a specialty in dentistry that deals with identifying and managing diseases that affect the mouth (oral) and maxillofacial (mouth, jaw, and neck) areas. Diseases such as inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), root canal infection, periodontal disease, mumps, and throat and mouth cancer can be evaluated and treated by an oral pathology Los […]