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4 major dental treatments offered by oral surgeons

Dental surgery is one of the most sought out dental treatments in dentistry today. Unlike other forms of dental treatment, dental surgery requires skilled dental professionals to administer correctly. Oral surgeons Los Angeles is the best dental professionals for dental surgical treatment and reconstruction. They provide various dental services some of which are purely cosmetic.

Here are some of the major dental treatments offered by oral surgeons.

Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth usually grow later on in life, unlike other healthy teeth. When they grow, they sometimes may be too big for the space available making them painful and sensitive. These wisdom teeth eventually affect the teeth positioning by pushing them forward leading to teeth crowding. You can contact an oral surgeon from Los Angeles Oral Surgeons to get your wisdom tooth extracted. Since these teeth sometimes are hard to remove, they may require surgical expertise which can be provided by an oral surgeon. Wisdom teeth removal also helps get rid of impacted teeth that grow halfway out of the gum surface.

Dental implant surgery

Dental implants are some of the most efficient artificial tooth replacements available today. Dental implants are best recommended for filling gaps left by missing teeth on any part of the mouth. For you to get a dental implant, the oral surgeon has to drill a small hole on the jaw bone where the root of the implant will be inserted. The titanium root is inserted and fitted such that the surrounding bone can heal around it and make it firm and strong.

Dental implants are very convenient since they act as permanent teeth and you may not have to get any repairs for more than a decade. You can request for dental implant surgery from Los Angeles Oral Surgeons.

Bone grafting

Bone grafting refers to the act of removing a piece of bone from one area and using it on another. Bone grafting is usually employed in dental implant surgery for people who have insufficient jaw bone for the implant support. The oral surgeon usually determines where best to remove the piece of bone depending on the general health of the client. Bone grafting is not usually painful since the oral surgeon uses local anesthesia for pain numbing. You can opt for general sedation if you prefer not to be conscious of the whole dental session.

Root canal therapy

This is a form of treatment which helps restore an infected tooth back to its original functioning. Tooth infections can cause inflammation and accumulation of abscess inside the tooth. To remove this, the oral surgeon uses special dental equipment to drain out the abscess and cleans out the root of the tooth. The oral surgeon then cleans the tooth enamel where the infection started and ensured no more bacteria is visible. After this, he uses dental cement to cover the hole on the root of the tooth. Likewise, he may opt to bond the tooth enamel for the tooth to be cavity free.

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