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Benefits of visiting an oral surgeon

Dental surgery is one of the general common dental treatments offered in oral dentistry. Today, oral surgery is applied either in cosmetic dentistry, general dental treatment or even dental reconstruction.

Getting an oral surgeon can to be quite difficult due to one reason; Not every dentist can perform oral surgery. Dental surgery requires additional training and practice to successfully treat dental conditions. Dental complications that require surgical treatment are best treated by an oral surgeon.

At Wilshire Smile Group, you can get various dental treatments that are tuned to your specific dental issue. Going for oral surgery can be very beneficial to your dental health and that of your child’s.

When should you go for oral surgery

There are various dental complications that would necessitate visiting an oral surgeon. Since an oral surgeon has additional training and practice in various dental procedures, he or she is competent in providing both cosmetic and some orthodontic dental procedures. Before getting dental treatment, dentists normally carry out a consultation session to determine the dental issue as well as the possible cause. You can get top-notch oral surgery treatment at Wilshire Smile Group.

Sleep apnea treatment

One of the most common oral surgery treatments is sleep apnea treatment. Sleep apnea is a dental condition that is characterized by excessive snoring during the night and daytime sleepiness. It is usually caused by ineffective throat muscles that collapse as you sleep causing the airway to close hence making the person snore.

The best treatment for sleep apnea is usually performed by an oral surgeon. During treatment, the oral surgeon will first induce you with a sedative dose to keep you unconscious during surgery. The surgeon will then remove several of the throat muscle tissue in order to make it less flaccid and susceptible to collapse.

Surgical extraction

If a tooth cannot be easily seen from the outside of the mouth, it may give the dentist a hard time to remove it. For such incidences, you can request for the services of an oral surgeon Los Angeles.

Teeth that are submerged halfway into the gum are usually removed through surgical means. The oral surgeon first removes bits of the gum surrounding the tooth in order to reach the root of the tooth. If this is not enough, the surgeon then cuts out some of the jawbones in order to remove the tooth easily.

Facial reconstruction

In the event of facial injury, an oral surgeon can be relied upon to restore the natural look and appearance of the face. At Wilshire Smile Group, they have a pool of proficient oral surgeons who can provide facial reconstructions services and other related treatments.

Facial reconstruction may involve changing the positioning of the jaw bone and also repairing torn tissues on the face and mouth.

Lip cleft repair

A lip cleft is a natural born condition where the upper lip is partly fused with the base of the nose. A lip cleft can interfere with your natural look and make you look less good looking.

You can visit an oral surgeon Los Angeles to get the best cosmetic dental services that suit your dental expectations.

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