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Best Oral Surgeon Los Angeles

Welcome to Wilshire Smile Group. We are a certified dental practice with offices in Los Angeles offering help in oral complications.

We have the best oral surgeon Los Angeles has to offer who is dedicated to helping solve any issues you may have with your oral health. Most people associate surgery with risk and hours of the complicated procedure.

However, the experience is not always as such. Especially not at our practice where our qualified staff and top-notch technology assure you of comfortable procedures with excellent results.

Our Specialties

Our oral surgeon performs a number of oral and maxillofacial procedures to restore parents to their optimum health.

Some of the common procedures on his desk include implant surgeries, corrective jaw surgery, wisdom teeth extractions, and even pediatric oral and maxillofacial operations.

Implant Surgeries

Implants are artificial appliances surgically inserted in the jaw to replace the roots of lost teeth and that way, provide support for replacement teeth. Teeth implants are a popular procedure today due to their effectiveness in solving lost teeth issues.

The procedure requires a qualified oral surgeon, and Wilshire Smile Group has one of these at our disposal. When you visit our center, regardless of the number of teeth you’ve lost or need replacing, our oral surgeon will after proper examining take you through the procedure, and you can be sure of a perfect result that will leave you smiling all through your recovery period.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Sometimes as the last set of molars grow, they lack enough space to sprout properly, and this leaves them partly impacted in the gums. This is uncomfortable for the patient as the area tends to get sore and painful. To solve this condition, extraction is one of the recommended solutions.

Our oral surgeon has done many successful extractions, and the procedure is rather simple and achieved in the least time possible under minimum pain. This is due to the use of anesthesia which is administered to numb you during the operation. With proper care, you will be healed in a couple of days and back to your normal functioning, stress-free.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Incorrect jaw alignment is yet another condition that may cause a person a lot of pain and discomfort. However, with the best oral surgeon Los Angeles has, this needs not to bother you much longer. After you visit us and open jaw surgery is recommended for you, you may be scheduled for an appointment with our oral and maxillofacial surgeon, or you may be booked in immediately depending on your situation.

Jaw Surgery is recommended for severe cases of temporomandibular joint disorders, trauma affecting the mouth region, bone grafting and other such procedures associated with operations on the jaw.

Successful procedures are able to reverse and heal medical conditions, and though surgery is normally the last option of treatment, when it comes to it, we do a perfect job. Our aim has always been to take care of your oral health and build a smiling nation.



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