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Common services offered in oral surgery

Oral surgery is commonly applied in dental treatment today. It can either be applied in dental treatment or cosmetic dental procedures. Oral surgery is usually carried out by an oral surgeon since they are qualified to perform surgical procedures. As you consider visiting an oral surgeon, you should ensure that they are the best oral surgeon in Los Angeles. A good and competent oral surgeon is one who offers various different services for dental reconstruction and cosmetic services. At Wilshire Smile Group, you can get top-notch oral surgery at a good fee. They have skilled and professional oral surgeons who can cater to any of your dental issues. They perform a wide variety of dental services on a day to day basis. Below is a list of some of the most common services in oral surgery.

Fitting dental implants

Dental implants are teeth made in a dental lab that are used to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are a very convenient form of tooth replacement majorly because they are permanently fixed onto the jawbone. During surgery, the oral surgeon will first remove any tooth that should be extracted. This is done after inducing some local anesthesia to reduce pain and discomfort during treatment. Depending on the number of teeth individual replaced, the surgeon can either choose to use all on 4 implants or a single implant. The implant is ready of a titanium root which is placed into a drilled hole on the jawbone where it is surrounded by healing jaw bone. After some weeks, the bone covers the titanium root completely making it firm and stable.

Gum graft surgery

The best oral surgeon in Los Angeles is one who offers diversity in dental treatment. Gum graft surgery is usually carried out by a periodontist. However, an oral surgeon can also offer gum graft services especially if it is part of another treatment. A gum graft surgery involves removing some bit of gum or mouth tissue and using it to cover receded or removed gum due to decay. The procedure usually takes a single day and does not have a lot of discomforts afterward. Wilshire Smile Group dentists recommend gum graft surgery for people with gum recession or excessive gum infections.

Treating sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a dental condition that is characterized by loud snoring and repeated gasps for breath during sleep. The condition is typically caused by an obstruction of the airway either through weak throat muscles or poor coordination of the brain in relaxing the throat muscles. Sleep apnea is usually treated using oral surgery where the oral surgeon removes some of the throat muscles making the airway wider thus reducing the risk of sleep apnea.


A facelift is a type of cosmetic dental procedure that can be applied in a smile makeover. The procedure involves raising the cheek and face muscles to counter droopy or sagging skin on the face. The eventual result of this procedure is a younger looking face and no wrinkles at all. If you want to get the best oral surgeon in Los Angeles, visit Wilshire Smile Group today.

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