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Dental Surgery with the Best Surgeons in Los Angeles

A lot of people who have undergone one or more dental surgery procedures do not believe how easy and painless it was. Dental surgery procedures such as tooth removal, dental implants, and root canals will take less than an hour in normal condition.

Pain is mitigated using local, or general anesthesia and very little discomfort are felt. The problem comes in as you wait for it to heal as discomfort and pain kicks in, sometimes accompanied by bleeding and infection. Here are some things you can do to ensure a seamless healing process.

After the surgery

The first hour after the surgery, you should bite down on the gauze pad that has been provided by the dentist. This is to prevent excessive bleeding and encourage clotting.

If bleeding persists, use another gauze pad and hold for another 30 minutes. It is good practice to moisten the gauze with water for comfort. The second and third day after the surgery, you should continue brushing your teeth but not very vigorously.

Brush within the bounds of comfort to prevent bacteria accumulating and make the healing process faster. You may notice some discoloration in the tissues which is normal as it is caused by tissue damage. It lasts for 2 to 3 days after the surgery.

Side effects of a dental surgery

Unfortunately, a dental surgery is accompanied with pain and discomfort. Use the pain medication prescribed by the dental surgery Los Angeles specialist and ideally you should take the first dose immediately after the surgery when the discomfort starts. Extreme pain usually happens up to six hours after the surgery.

Any extreme pain after 48 hours where you have to take medicine at short intervals should warrant another visit to the dentist’s office. Nausea is another common side effect but can be avoided if you take a small amount of food before swallowing the pills. It is also common to feel some sharp edges around the area.

These are caused by the jawbone cutting through the gums. This also subsides as the gum heals.

Wound healing and protective measures

You can continue with your normal diet but avoid hot foods that can disrupt healing. Also, stick to soft foods until you are comfortable enough to move to harder foods.

Avoid food such as rice, peanuts, and sunflower seeds because some particles can get lodged into the wound causing infection which hinders the healing process. Another common occurrence after a dental surgery is a sore throat. This is caused by the muscles swelling making it hard to swallow.

A sore throat typically goes away after two to three days. The jaw muscles can also stiffen making it difficult to open the mouth fully. This happens for about a week after the surgery. You should stretch these muscles to make them relax.

Activities after surgery

The first day after the surgery should be used to relax on the bed or couch. Avoid strenuous activities and bending or lifting as it may cause increased bleeding.

Take extra care when moving from a sitting position to a standing position and do it slowly. Exercising can also trigger bleeding and should be avoided until 3 to 4 days after the surgery.

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