There are various dental conditions, and each varies from the other in complexity, the treatment method and the type of dentist who will be required to treat it. For the general dental issues that involve the prevention and maintenance of a healthy mouth, we visit the general dentist or the family dentist. The general dentists take care of the oral health of the entire family. He is responsible for conducting the regular check-ups and enlightening you on the best hygiene practices.

Once in a while despite the vigorous efforts of brushing and flossing our oral health still finds a way to become poor. When it happens, the family dentist in Los Angeles Oral Surgeons will be the first to notice through the regular check-ups or the comprehensive examination. If the dental issue is something easy like a decaying tooth the general doctor might decide to add fillings to it or they might refer you to a specialist to have it done. It is in very few times that the family dentist performs the filling procedure. If the condition is complex or serious, they will refer you to an oral surgeon Los Angeles.

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is also recognized as maxillofacial. Oral surgery is an area of specialization in dentistry that specializes in oral health issues that involve an examination, treatment and surgical procedures. The surgical procedures can be in order restore the functionality of a certain part of it can be to enhance the appearance.
Functions of oral surgeons
The maxillofacial surgeons are responsible for any dental operations that involve the surgery of the lower jaw of the placing of dental implants. They handle the cases that a general dentist cannot handle competently.

Oral surgeon Los Angeles will be able to proficiently correct the jaw of an individual or put dental veneers in a patient perfectly as compared to a general dentist. Some of the other complex surgical treatments that they handle are the removal of cysts or tumors, aligning the jaws, extraction of the wisdom teeth and enhancement of the appearance of the dental system.
Significance of specialization
Unlike the general dentist, the maxillofacial surgeons in the Los Angeles, Oral Surgeons have to undergo four more years through a residency program where they specialize in surgery. It is through this residency program that they are equipped with the necessary skills to perform surgical procedures, administering anesthesia and sedatives in addition to handling emergency dental situations.

It is only surgeons and other trained individuals who are allowed to use anesthesia and other sedatives. This, therefore, should put the patient at ease knowing that the maxillofacial surgeon handling them is well qualified and thoroughly trained.

Surgical procedures performed by an oral surgeon

An Oral or maxillofacial surgeon is capable of performing various oral surgeries such as corrective surgery of the jaw, wisdom teeth extraction, Palate surgery, and cleft lip.

Some of these conditions are rampant, and numerous people have been diagnosed with them. The good news is that the oral surgeons Los Angeles are here to treat these conditions!

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