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Distraction Osteogenesis Los Angeles

Distraction Osteogenesis refers to the procedures in the treatment of skeletal defects and disharmonies.

The procedure was initially concentrated on bone treatment on the legs and jaws, but with recent advancements, they have been used in cases affecting the jaw and facial bones.

Our Los Angeles surgeons are equipped and experienced with this procedure, and they offer the best Distraction Osteogenesis Los Angeles treatments.

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How it is done?

The process works by separating simple bony segments to allow the growth of new bone matter between them.

A tiny distraction device is employed in the separation allowing the oral surgeon to control the extent of bone movement as well as the new bone growth expected.

This procedure is often used to increase the amount of bone in the jaw as well to correct facial abnormalities.


There are reasons why our oral surgeons prefer Distraction Osteogenesis to other traditional surgical options and bone alteration. For one, Distraction Osteogenesis cause less pain and swelling as compared to conventional methods.

The procedure also does not affect facial appearance as it does not leave visible scars outside the mouth. The procedure also allows for more controlled movement of the bone which gives the best results.

Distraction Osteogenesis Los Angeles treatment is also ideal for all ages, and this is another reason why it is a popular treatment option.


The Procedure

Distraction Osteogenesis typically involves two procedures. The first procedure involves the placement of the device in the targeted region. Minor adjustments are made on the device to facilitate the bone movement.

The second procedure involves the removal of the device once the movement is complete. Some patients are concerned that the device’s adjustments and movements would cause much pain and discomfort.

However, patients have reported that the pains involved are minor and are nothing compared to what is experienced in other procedures such as the insertion and tightening of braces. Patients are encouraged to constantly visit the oral surgeon to ensure that the device is functioning properly.

The surgeon also uses the visits to inspect the teeth of any infections that may arise in the course of treatment. Patients that are vulnerable to infections are not ideal candidates for Distraction Osteogenesis procedures.

Our surgeon will inspect and examine you before beginning the procedure. Our surgeon will recommend the most suitable treatment choice for each patient.

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