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Maxillofacial Pathology Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles oral surgeons offer a variety of oral specialties. Among them is the maxillofacial pathology Los Angeles treatment which concentrates on the management of the underlying conditions that cause functional and esthetic complications in the mouth, neck, shoulder region, and face.

This is referred to as the oral maxillofacial region.

Maxillofacial pathology focuses on the diagnosis of infections and diseases in the facial and oral region.

If you happen to experience irregularities in the appearance of your mouth, you may be subject to a pathological process.

Our surgeons conduct oral examinations and inspections, biopsies, and treatments for affected patients.

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    Common Oral Ailments

    There are some oral and facial cases that we witness at our dental practice ranging from minor infections to oral cancer.

    Our maxillofacial pathologists are trained to diagnose and treat some conditions. These include, but are not limited to, cysts and ulcers in the mouth, diseases affecting the salivary glands, oral bacterial infections, autoimmune ailments, and oral cancer.

    Symptoms to be on the look-out for

    Any suspect changes in your mouth may point to a pathological process, and you are always advised to seek the opinion of a medical practitioner, more preferably, a maxillofacial pathologist at our LA center. The symptoms you should be on the look-out for include changes in the lining of the mouth.

    This is a major tell-tale sign, and it is best to visit us for expert maxillofacial pathology Los Angeles opinion and treatment. Early symptoms may not be painful, but they are highly significant and could be your only option to detect complications early enough to get treatment and enhance recovery.

    Other notable signs and symptoms include reddish or whitish patches in the mouth area, a sore that won’t heal and easily bleeds, lumps in the mouth or visibly thicker portions of the skin. The patient may also experience trouble when chewing and swallowing.

    Treatments and Procedures

    The procedures that maxillofacial pathologists perform include diagnosis of potentially life-threatening medical conditions in the maxillofacial area. Such could be oral cancer which is among the fatal conditions today.

    Early detection of oral cancer provides for an opportunity for the affected patient to receive treatment which is essential for their well-being.

    Our maxillofacial pathologists also perform biopsies as well as other diagnostic tests.

    Our LA offices are equipped with the latest equipment and technology to facilitate this successfully. Besides these, we also diagnose and manage impacted wisdom teeth which could cause discomfort.

    After diagnosis, our Los Angeles Oral Surgeons extract the teeth and replace the teeth with false ones for comfort.

    We do dentoalveolar surgery, which is the surgical procedure touching on issues of the teeth, the supporting issues such as gums, and the bony structures in the mouth.

    Other procedures offered in the treatment include reconstructive jaw surgery, repair of facial traumas, dental implants installation, surgical correction of surgical deformities, and general cosmetic facial procedures.

    Visit us today at our LA offices and book an appointment with us for an all-round maxillofacial pathology Los Angeles experience.

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