People with missing teeth stand to benefit from a tooth implant Los Angeles procedure which is the newest and most effective way to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a metal post that is surgically fixed into the jaw with a small portion protruding from the gums.

The dentist can then mount an artificial crown (denture) or bridges to the implant in order to replace the missing tooth. A huge advantage of tooth implant is the stability it has from being fused with the jawbone. Multiple replacement teeth can be mounted on a single implant and appear, feel and function like real teeth.

Benefits of Having Dental Implants

Implants are incredibly sturdy because they fuse with the jawbone. The jaw is prepared and grafted with other bone tissue if necessary after which the metal post is implanted on a subsequent visit.

After the bone heals, the metal post is embedded into the jaw and gum tissue just like a normal tooth root. Dental implants can be used to support dentures and bridges which prevent them from slipping when eating or talking.

The replacements also feel more natural than the conventional prosthetics used. People who cannot use bridges or dentures because of weak ridges or sore spots can benefit from implants. Dental bridges also interfere with healthy adjacent teeth for support, but with implants, the integrity of other teeth is maintained.

Types of Implants

There are two types of implants that are used for teeth replacement purposes. They are:

• Endosteal implants

Endosteal implants are directly placed into the jawbone during a surgical procedure. A small incision is made on the jaw, and the underlying bone is cut to accommodate the implant. After the gum tissue heals around the implant, another surgery is required to add the abutment connector onto the original metal implant. The artificial crown is attached to the abutment or in case of multiple teeth; a bridge is connected to the implant.

• Subperiosteal implants

This type of implant involves a metal frame fitted just below the gum to attach it to the jawbone. The gum tissue is allowed to heal fusing the frame to the jawbone. The metal posts which support the artificial teeth are fixed onto the frame.
What to do before getting implants

Before contacting a tooth implant Los Angeles specialist, ask your health insurance provider if they cover dental implant costs. Most providers consider this a cosmetic procedure and either does not cover costs or pay a fraction of the cost like 10%.

Keep in mind that the procedure takes some time and two or three surgeries are needed for the final result to be achieved. Consult with your dentist on the combined cost of the surgeries and consultation fees before committing to having the procedure done.

Tooth implants can only be fixed onto healthy gums, and cases of gum disease have to be treated first. The dentist will also do some X-rays of the jawbone to ensure it is strong enough to hold the implant. If not, bone grafting will be done to make sure there is enough bone tissue to stabilize the metal implant.

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