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All on 4 Los Angeles

Losing teeth doesn’t have to mean that you have to lose your smile and confidence as well. Los Angeles Oral Surgeons have a treatment option that can help patients with ill-fitting dentures or lose teeth get a complete set of teeth and a new smile in a single day procedure.

Regardless of how severe the case is, the patient is assured of walking out of the clinic having received their full treatment and recovered their perfect smile.

With the advancement we have had in the dental practice dental implants have become the most effective treatment option for patients.

Unlike the traditional implant procedures today regardless of the severity of the dental case, only four dental implants are needed in each jaw, and they can support a full set of replacement teeth.

If you are in need of all on 4 Los Angeles procedure ensure you are dealing with a certified and experienced oral surgeon for best results.

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    Advantages of All on 4

    All on 4 saves you money because you do not need to have dental implants for each of the replaced teeth. Dental implants would not only be a strenuous surgery, but it would also cost the patient more money.

    The All on 4 procedure also results in a more comfortable effect as compared to traditional dentures which occasionally shift in the mouth making them uncomfortable for the patient.

    The procedure is a highly effective treatment option as it can be achieved in a single session thus serving the patient with their desired effect in a day.

    The All on 4 Procedure

    Once our Los Angeles oral surgeons have assessed you and determined you are fit for the procedure, the treatment begins right away. The surgeon will place the four implants strategically in the jawbone to hold the dentures in place.

    The dentures will be created in the lab and may not be available on the first appointment. You will, however, be fitted with temporary denture to stay with as you wait for yours to be ready.

    After treatment, the implants fuse in the jawbone and provide stability for the replacement dentures making it possible to recover a full set of teeth that will be as strong as natural teeth.


    The cost of the all on 4 Los Angeles treatment may vary depending on the individual patient.

    The cost will depend on the severity of the case considering aspects such as the number of teeth to be replaced and if other procedures involved.

    Our dentists will also take you through the treatment options for you and depending on will work within your budget.

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    Our dental practice has some of the most qualified Los Angeles Oral Surgeons.

    Not only do they take you through an expert procedure for perfect results but they are also concerned and caring to the patients.

    The surgeons maintain communication with you even after the procedure, and they will check on you to monitor your progress.

    Their goal is to improve your smile and ensure you feel good about yourself.

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