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    Oral Surgery Can Save Your Life And Eliminate Dental Pain

    Wilshire Smile Studio is one of the very few multi-specialty practices in Southern California with an oral surgeon, Dr. Nariman Saadat. Not only that, he is one of the even rarer oral surgeons who is not only a dentist, but a medical doctor trained in a wide range of maxillofacial and oral surgeries.

    The wide range of his services can include these and more:

    • Removal of wisdom teeth that are causing overcrowding (often done for teens as permanent teeth emerge).
    • Making dentures more comfortable by addressing jaw irregularities.
    • Extractions of teeth that are loose and about to fall out or are causing problems.
    • Bone grafts from a choice of sources to offset jawbone losses due to periodontal infections, making it possible for implants to be done.
    • Dental implants, whether singles, support for 8-16 missing teeth on an All-on-4 platform for one arch, or a full set of individual ones.
    • Repairing the jaw, mouth, and face after a sports, vehicle, or other accident.
    • Removal of excess tissue blocking the airway while sleeping, causing the condition of sleep apnea, the unconscious interruption of breathing as many as 100 times during the night (known as apneas). Those who suffer from it also have a much higher risk of cardiovascular disease are unaware that they are dangerously sleepy in the morning, resulting in many accidents and inability to stay awake remember anything at work.
    • Correction of dysfunctional hinges that connect the upper and lower jaws, known as temporomandibular disorder, which can make it difficult to open or close the mouth.
    • Improving teeth alignment and upper and lower arch compatibility so they do not damage each other when the mouth is closed.
    • Removal of facial and mouth growths for biopsy.

    If you believe Dr. Saadat’s special skills may be important for your oral health, call Wilshire Smile Studio to set up an appointment for a full examination and discussion or your options.

    Call Wilshire Smile Studio to set up an examination to determine your oral health needs: 323-DENTIST (336-8478).

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