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Dr. Cohen is a pioneer in using laser periodontal therapy in conjunction with biologics (healing proteins), which eliminate bacterial infection in the gums and helps them to be reattached to the roots and to the jawbone.

He has lectured on several topics at dental associations nationwide and has been an expert witness in major legal cases involving periodontal disease.

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Dr. Saadat earned his bachelor degree at UCLA, focusing in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. He also completed his dental education at UCLA School of Dentistry as well.
Following dental school, he completed his medical and surgical training at Oregon Health and Science University where he received world-class surgical training in comprehensive management of wide array of oral and facial surgical treatments.

Before you decide to visit an oral surgeon Los Angeles, it would be better if you had more information about the procedures they conduct. Doing a little research on this will prepare you psychologically as well as give you a background information on the same. To save you the time for conducting the research this article focuses on the procedures that your oral surgeon Los Angeles will be ready to provide.

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Procedures in oral surgery

Oral surgeons are specialized dentists who deal with dental surgery and related treatments.

Oral surgeons can either perform reconstructive treatment procedures or cosmetic procedures.

Oral surgeons Los Angeles can perform dental treatments that regular dentists are not certified to. Permanently, surgical, dental treatments are attended to by oral surgeons since they have advanced training and practice in dental surgery.

For the best dental surgery in Los Angeles, you can consult Los Angeles, oral surgeons. They have some of the best oral surgeons in the city who provide all forms of dental treatment.

Common treatment procedures performed by oral surgeons

Oral surgeons usually undergo extra training after finishing the usual dental degree. This dental training involves surgical training and practice hence making them qualified for surgical treatment and operations. However, oral surgeons can also perform general dentistry alongside dental surgery. Generally, oral surgeons Los Angeles usually perform a wide variety of dental procedures including reconstructive treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and dental preventive measures. You can get all these dental services within the city from Los Angeles Oral Surgeons. They have a large number of dental specialists who can cater to all your dental needs. Here are some of the most common dental procedures performed by oral surgeons.


Reducing facial pain

Strenuous activities and sports can lead to injuries on the face that may, in turn, cause dental complications.

These facial injuries can cause consistent pain and discomfort to the victim making their life seemingly unbearable. Such injuries may cause damage to the jaw, teeth or general dental structure.

Dental treatment for such conditions can be provided through dental surgery.

Oral surgeons Los Angeles can provide ample treatment for pain relief and restoration of the jaw’s functioning. First, the oral surgeon analyzes your condition and assesses the cause of pain. If the oral surgeon finds an issue with the jaw, they may need to perform the orthodontic treatment.

This will require changes in jaw structure through reconstructive surgery. Oral surgeons can also treat TMJ disorders that are caused by facial injury.

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Fitting dental implants

Dental implants are a contemporary form of tooth replacement commonly used in dentistry.

Oral surgeons usually fit dental implants due to the surgical procedures involved. During dental implant surgery, the oral surgeon drills a hole into the jawbone where the implant will be placed.

The site of implanting usually requires a healthy jaw bone for the implant to be firmly fixed. This procedure may take long to heal thus requiring an oral surgeon to provide emergency treatment when necessary.

You can contact Los Angeles Oral Surgeons to know more about dental implant surgery.


Pathological diagnosis

Oral surgeons usually perform diagnosis for various dental conditions. In some cases, an oral surgeon may be consulted to determine the possible complications that may be affecting a dental patient.

The oral surgeon may or may not perform treatment in some cases. An oral surgeon can assess cases like tooth infections and gum disease and treated if they involve complex surgical procedures.

Some dental conditions like oral tumors and benign cysts are best diagnosed and treated by oral surgeons.

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