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Dr. Cohen is a pioneer in using laser periodontal therapy in conjunction with biologics (healing proteins), which eliminate bacterial infection in the gums and helps them to be reattached to the roots and to the jawbone.

He has lectured on several topics at dental associations nationwide and has been an expert witness in major legal cases involving periodontal disease.

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Dr. Saadat earned his bachelor degree at UCLA, focusing in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. He also completed his dental education at UCLA School of Dentistry as well.
Following dental school, he completed his medical and surgical training at Oregon Health and Science University where he received world-class surgical training in comprehensive management of wide array of oral and facial surgical treatments.

Before you decide to visit an oral surgeon Los Angeles, it would be better if you had more information about the procedures they conduct. Doing a little research on this will prepare you psychologically as well as give you a background information on the same. To save you the time for conducting the research this article focuses on the procedures that your oral surgeon Los Angeles will be ready to provide.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

The third molars, also known as wisdom teeth are usually removed due to many reasons among them being too large for the jaw to accommodate them. When this happens, the teeth do not grow properly resulting in swelling, infections, and shifting of other teeth. Oral surgery is used to remove them.

Dental implants

In the instance of a missing tooth, or teeth, dental implants are used. They are a replacement of the tooth root and are placed in the jawbone, onto which artificial teeth are placed. These dental implants are made of titanium, and an oral surgeon Los Angeles will do the implantation. One can get these implants to replace one, several or all of their teeth.


Impacted Teeth Removal

This is another procedure conducted by oral surgeons. The impacted teeth occur as a result of not emerging out of the gums as they are supposed to. Problems such as diseased tissues, infections or crowding are the common results. The good thing is that a simple tooth extraction can fix this issue and restore the integrity of your mouth. In many instances, the procedure is not done right away. The orthodontist or dentist will do an examination before deciding on the next course of action.

Improve Dentures’ Fit

Irregular or infected jaws are the leading causes of improper fitting of dentures, and should this be the case, the oral surgeon Los Angeles will more certainly have to conduct a procedure to improve the fit. This is aimed at providing more support to the dentures, and the most likely thing to be done is bone grafting. This means that you shouldn’t be quiet when your dentures feel loose since they can be fixed.

Cleft Palate And Cleft Lip Repair

This is a procedure aimed at repairing the condition where some part of the nasal cavity and the mouth don’t grow together as they are supposed to. As such, the patient may have gaps on the roof of the mouth or the lip, or in some instances in both the roof of the mouth and the lip. It is the work of an oral surgeon to tackle such a case and fill the gaps.

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Unequal Jaw Growth

If you have problems eating, swallowing, or talking; this may be due to improper growth of either the upper or lower jaw. After an examination by an oral surgeon Los Angeles, the right action might be to fix the issue. In such cases, a jaw structure is created that will promote a more balanced and functional jaw operation.

Do you have no idea about the procedures that an oral surgeon can handle? You are not alone. You will be amazed at the many numbers of people who know so little if nothing on the same topic. And so if you have been wondering what the oral surgeon Los Angeles can handle, you need this article to be informed.

This way you will be sure that your procedure of one for the person you know needs to be dealt with by the orthodontist. The following are some of the most common procedures conducted by a well-trained and qualified oral surgeon.

Dental Implants

When one is missing a tooth or some them, they can proceed to a dental surgeon to get an artificial replacement. During the procedure, dental implants are installed in the patient’s jaw and allowed time to heal.

After that, the artificial crown is put on top of the crown. That way, the dental formula gets restored. The good thing about this procedure is that it can now be done in one day.

Removal Of Wisdom Teeth

When the wisdom teeth, the third molar have any irregularities affecting the dental structure of a person, they get removed by the oral surgeon. In most instances, they may become too large destroying the gum tissue around and thereby necessitating their removal.

An oral surgeon Los Angeles should be in a position to remove the teeth through a surgical operation.


Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate Repair

This is a condition in which part of the mouth and the nasal cavity do not grow together as should be the case. The patient ends up with a hole in the upper part of their mouth or the lip, and in other instances, they may have the gaps in both the lip and the mouth palate.

You can tell that they will have a problem eating and talking and an oral surgeon is a right person to handle the condition.

Removal Of Impacted Teeth

During the growth of teeth, they may not come out of the gum like they are supposed to. They end up breaking the tissue as they make their way through the jaws. This will result in swelling, discomfort and if not attended to on time, infections.

Should this be the case, the patient is always advised to visit an oral surgeon Los Angeles to have the teeth extracted. However, the decision of the way forward will reside with the doctor.

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Imbalanced Growth Of The Jaws

Problems experienced during eating or talking may be caused by the abnormal growth of whether the upper of the lower jaw. This inequality in the growth makes it impossible for the patient to use the mouth as they are supposed to, and should that be the case, then you need to get to an oral surgeon.

They should be able to restore the function of your mouth after an operation. Just make sure that you get the right oral surgeon Los Angeles and you will be on your way to getting the best out of the medication.

6200 Wilshire Blvd Ste. 1609 #2, Los Angeles, CA 90048