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Who Needs Oral Surgery?

Los Angeles oral surgeons are known for their superb quality and experience when it comes to dealing with your oral health. With the use of advanced technology and equipment, there has never been a better time to have your oral health at its best. Wilshire Smile Group is an established dental facility with offices in Los Angeles where we have been providing quality dental care for more than a decade now.

Our Facility is set in a serene environment that allows you to relax and get comfortable as our qualified personnel take on your dental needs. Added up with the latest technology in dental practice, you are sure to get the quality service that will give you effective and long-lasting results.

Who Needs Oral Surgery?

No one likes the idea of surgery. Actually many people shiver from the very thought of surgery. However, the procedures offered by experienced Los Angeles oral surgeons are safe, and the results from them are very efficient. Though we do not recommend surgery to all our patients, some conditions do require surgery for successful results, and that is when our experienced oral surgeons come in.

Teeth Extractions

There are a number of dental cases where extraction is unavoidable. A good example is a severely damaged tooth due to decay. Other examples are cases of an impacted tooth which causes pain and discomfort. This mostly occurs in adults as the last set of molars are growing, and in such cases, extractions are the preferred option of treatment.

Wilshire Smile group also has a pediatric department that deals with your kid’s dental concerns. Our oral surgeon is the person to seek if you need help in the extraction of milk teeth.

This normally isn’t a big problem but some rare cases where the milk teeth fail to fall off and hinder proper growth of permanent teeth also warrant the services of our oral surgeon.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are yet another case where the services of an oral surgeon are required. Dental implants are metal appliances that are surgically inserted into the patient’s jawbone.

Dental implants are so far the most effective of the available options of restoring lost teeth as well as replacing undesired teeth. The surgeon does an operation on the patient to insert the implants in the jawbone.

The implants bond with the bone structure and they provide strong support for the mounting of replacement teeth. Since the dental implants perform the duty of the teeth’s roots, the replacements are just as strong as natural teeth offering similar benefits in appearance and functionality.


If you are in need of any dental operation, Wilshire Smile Group is the place for you. The success that our oral surgeons have had over the years have greatly contributed to the success of our practice as patients from other areas are often referred to our center for their procedures.

Our facility is also family friendly, offering oral care and treatment to both children and adults. Visit us today for the best experience in oral surgical procedures.


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