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Oral Surgeons in Los Angeles

Oral surgery, also known as maxillofacial surgery, is the best treatment for conditions found on the face, neck, teeth, mouth and jaws. Los Angeles Oral Surgeons are skilled and experienced in treating conditions affecting the whole face including injuries, infections, pathological conditions and misaligned teeth and jaws. Oral surgeons are specialized in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery meaning they can treat poorly growing jaws and teeth as well as treat injuries sustained on the face. Los Angeles Oral Surgeons provide all dental procedures including minor dental surgeries and corrective procedures that require moderate surgery. Oral surgeons can work together with an orthodontist when treating misaligned jaws and problems with the dental structure.

Reconstructive surgery

Los Angeles Oral Surgeons are skilled in oral reconstructive surgery which is largely concerned with repair of dental injuries. Problems like facial injuries sustained in an accident can be repaired easily by an oral surgeon. Injuries include broken jaws, loose teeth and fractures on the dental formula. Los Angeles Oral Surgeons can help you get your face and smile back despite the kind of injury. Oral surgery can also fix problems like loose or missing teeth by mounting an artificial tooth. Dental implants are very efficient in covering gaps left by missing teeth and providing the appearance of a full set of teeth.

Cosmetic surgery

Oral surgery can provide a solution for your dental aesthetic needs. Los Angeles Oral Surgeons have skilled oral surgeons in cosmetic surgery who provide the best services in cosmetic dentistry. Procedures like cleft lip surgery and cleft palate repair can be provided by Los Angeles Oral Surgeons for both adults and children. Impacted teeth that grow halfway at the back of the oral structure can cause a lot of problems when chewing, eating and swallowing. These impacted teeth can be removed permanently by an oral surgeon. Professional surgical procedures can be applied to effectively remove the tooth without any pain.

Jaw related problems

An improperly growing jaw can cause a lot of pain and discomfort in the mouth. It can also affect chewing, biting and even breathing if the condition is not monitored. This misalignment of jaws can be very displeasing and uncomfortable and requires immediate repair. Los Angeles Oral Surgeons can provide orthodontic treatment to readjust your jaw structure to a better position. They can apply professional dental procedures to make sure that your jaw is functional and balanced eliminating previously felt pain. Los Angeles Oral Surgeons can recommend and mount a headgear that you will wear for a specific duration of time during the treatment process. This headgear will help guide the growth of your jaws to a more aligned position.

Temporomandibular disorders

The TMJ better known as the temporomandibular joint is a high-functioning joint found in front of the ear. It connects the jaw to the whole of the skull. A disorder affecting this joint may cause a lot of pain and discomfort while moving your jaws. Oral surgery can be applied to treat this disorder by correcting the position or structure of the temporomandibular joint. This will ensure that you don’t experience any more pain from the joint.

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