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When is the time to visit an Oral Surgeon Los Angeles?

Oral Surgeon Los Angeles

At times, you may find that your tooth bothers you for many weeks, and the pain eventually becomes unbearable. The jaw becomes sore, and you end up losing the tooth in just a few days. Visiting the dentist may not be enough; instead, you will have to see the Oral Surgeon Los Angeles.

Talk to the dentist in the first place

In case you have any problem with your jaws, gums, and teeth, then you have to visit the dentist first when the pain is found in the area near the face or the mouth.

If you need to see the dentist on an emergency basis, then you can visit the urgent care clinic instead of visiting the ER.  Whenever it is possible, you should avoid the two. This is because they can only give you the medicine and they will tell you to see the dentist. They will also charge you a high price.  The dentist can handle different oral problems, and in case you need to see the oral surgeon, he can recommend a person to see.

Oral surgeon

When the dentist is not sure about the right treatment to give to you, he can recommend you to an oral surgeon.  Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a special dentistry that works on the jaws and the face. It is the surgery which treats injuries and disease in the area near the mouth.

The oral surgeon had completed the extra training with education, which is beyond what a normal dentist has done. Some get a medical degree with the oral surgery diploma. They study at least four years in training in the hospital-based surgical program together with medical residency in different specialties such as anesthesia.   Anesthesia includes different types of IV sedation, which include the twilight sleep with general anesthesia where you are rendered unconscious so that you do not feel the pain.  The local anesthesia is used when a small part of the body gets numbed so that the procedure may be performed.

The oral surgeon may help in different ways.

Impacted teeth: this is something that takes place with the wisdom teeth. However, it may also take place in other areas of the mouth.

When teeth are coming out of the gums in the first place, it will be crowded so they may stop to come out completely or they may fail to come out.  This may lead to infection or sore gums.

Oral Surgeon Los Angeles or the dentist can recommend that the wisdom teeth get pulled out even if they are not presenting any problem.

Jaw joint tissue: the temporomandibular joint or TMJ works by connecting the skulls to the jaw.  It is a little hinge found before the ears. It may lead to some problems such as headaches, stiffness, jaw popping, and jaw pain.

Oral devices, ice packs, and pain medication may help. However, if the problem continues to happen again, it may require oral surgery.

Underbite and overbite: if the teeth and the jaw are not aligned in the right way, then the dentist will recommend the orthognathic surgery.  The surgery is recommended for people who suffer underbites or overbites, sleep apnea, congenital disabilities, or having problems in swallowing and chewing.

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