Top-Tier Oral Surgery Services in Los Angeles

Discover a world of advanced oral care at Los Angeles Oral Surgeons, your trusted partner in addressing a variety of oral complications.

Led by Dr. Nariman Saadat, our certified dental practice takes pride in delivering top-tier oral surgical solutions in Los Angeles.

Let’s banish the fear often associated with oral surgery. Under the watchful eyes of our skilled team, your comfort and safety come first.

We harness cutting-edge technology to ensure procedures run smoothly, always aiming for exceptional results.


Oral Surgery Services in Los Angeles

Expertise at Its Best: Meet Dr. Nariman Saadat

Our team revolves around one of the finest oral surgeons in Los Angeles – Dr. Nariman Saadat. His commitment to his patients’ oral health shines through in the wide range of oral and maxillofacial procedures he performs.

Dr. Saadat specializes in implant surgeries, corrective jaw surgery, wisdom teeth extractions, and pediatric oral and maxillofacial operations, among others.


Implant Surgeries with Dr. Nariman Saadat

Dental implants are artificial structures that Dr. Saadat surgically places in the jaw to replace lost teeth roots.

This solution paves the way for the stable placement of replacement teeth.

Implant surgeries are popular today due to their effectiveness in tackling lost teeth issues.

Under Dr. Saadat’s skilled guidance, you can expect a seamless journey through your implant procedure. He will thoroughly examine your oral health status before guiding you through the surgery process.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or several, his expertise ensures a successful outcome. Learn more about dental implants in Los Angeles.


Wisdom Teeth Extraction Simplified

As your final set of molars – the wisdom teeth – emerge, they may not always have enough room to fully erupt. This can lead to impaction, causing discomfort and pain. In such cases, extraction becomes a suitable solution.

Count on Dr. Saadat’s vast experience in performing successful extractions. He prioritizes patient comfort, ensuring the procedure is efficient and minimizes discomfort with the use of anesthesia.

Proper care post-extraction promotes swift recovery, allowing you to return to your routine without stress. For more information, check our guide on wisdom teeth removal in Los Angeles.


Corrective Jaw Surgery by Dr. Nariman Saadat

For those suffering from incorrect jaw alignment, the discomfort can be debilitating. But with Dr. Saadat, one of the best oral surgeons Los Angeles boasts, there’s no need to suffer any longer.

If jaw surgery is the recommended solution for you, he will schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Jaw surgery is particularly beneficial for severe cases of temporomandibular joint disorders, trauma to the mouth region, or any procedures involving operations on the jaw, such as bone grafting.

Here’s what you can expect ahead of a bone graft procedure. While surgery is typically our last resort, rest assured that we commit to providing superior results when it’s necessary.

To us, your oral health is paramount, and we’re on a mission to foster a community of beaming smiles.

Take a moment to explore reviews from our satisfied patients who are now part of our smiling nation.


Dental Extractions by Dr. Nariman Saadat

Dental extractions might become necessary due to a range of issues from severe decay, crowded teeth, or risk of infection.

Dr. Saadat has performed numerous successful extractions, ensuring minimal discomfort and speedy recovery. Our team always strives to create an environment where you can feel at ease during the procedure.

If you’re interested in learning more, take a look at our comprehensive guide on dental extractions in Los Angeles.


All-On-4 Implants with Dr. Nariman Saadat

If you’ve lost multiple teeth, All-On-4 Implants could be a game-changer for you. This innovative technique allows Dr. Saadat to replace an entire arch of teeth using only four implants.

Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but it also provides a reliable and long-lasting outcome. You can trust Dr. Saadat to guide you through the process, offering expert care from consultation through recovery.

Learn more about our All-On-4 surgery in Los Angeles.


In all our procedures, patient education plays a vital role. We believe that informed patients make the best decisions about their health.

Feel free to visit our blog for insights on various oral health topics and the latest news in oral surgery.


Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to oral health, don’t compromise. Rely on our certified and experienced team at Los Angeles Oral Surgeons, guided by the competent hands of Dr. Nariman Saadat.

We are committed to prioritizing your comfort while delivering world-class oral surgery services in Los Angeles.

Ready to start your journey to a healthier, brighter smile?

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