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Oral surgery in one day in Los Angeles

Most people with missing or broken tooth find it uneasy smiling even when they receive genuine compliments. The situation gets even worse when they are in social gatherings where people share freely and have hearty moments. This does not have to be your experience. You deserve full happiness and have every reason to smile if some funny statements are echoed. Initially, the process of filling such gasps took a considerably long time.

With the new technology we have adopted at Wilshire Smile Studio, you do not have to worry about time. We can fix your tooth in just one day and bring back that awesome smile!

Before receiving your new oral surgery in one day in Los Angeles, our staff will take you through a simple, clearly outlined procedure.

Free consultation

At our clinic, every dental procedure begins with a free consultation. At this consultation, our doctors will listen to your concerns. Such consultations are perfectly customized to ensure everyone goes through an awesome experience.

we will take the opportunity to enlighten you on how long the procedure will take. Even more, we will share information on costs with you. We are always careful about revealing all the details pertaining to charges so that you do not get to worry about surprise fees.

Dental Implant Procedure

Upon agreeing that you are ready for the implants, you will meet with one of our prosthodontists who will then initiate the treatment plan. We will work collectively to prepare everything you might need for the procedure. Scheduling the exact time of the procedure comes next. It might be in a couple of minutes of hours depending on the availability of our caring professionals.

The procedure that follows next is the placement of the dental implant. To ensure everything runs perfectly, our professionals handle each step with caution. We are always careful to ensure you are comfortable and not anxious during the procedures. You will find yourself even smiling during the process.

Post Dental Implant

It is always good to ensure the tooth heals properly. At Wilshire Smile Studio, we understand that every procedure matters. That is why we insist on advising our clients on the best practices in ensuring their teeth heal properly. After getting a new tooth in one day in Los Angeles, the recovery does not have to belong.

You will get information on the diets to adopt. In addition, we will advise you on proper oral hygiene practices during that period. All our procedures work collectively in ensuring our clients receive awesome services when they need them most.

At your service

With several years of experience in this field, you cannot expect anything short of awesome services from us. We will handle everything with due diligence and help you go through the procedure in a seamless way. In the couple of years that we have been in service, we have helped several clients. We have every reason to believe your own experience will be awesome too, just like theirs!

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