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Advantages of Implants

Tooth Implant Los Angeles

Lost teeth can be a major source of concern especially when it comes to your outlook and appearance. They will affect the way you feel presenting yourself in front of people, and this is enough to kill your self-esteem. We, however, have the perfect solution for you. By use of tooth implants, which have proven to be really effective, we are able to replace your lost teeth and put you back in shape.

The implants are metallic screws that are surgically implanted into the patient’s jawbone, and they provide support for other replacement teeth. Book an appointment with our surgeons at Wilshire Smile Group for the best tooth implant Los Angeles procedures.

Advantages of Implants

Compared to the other treatment options for replacing lost teeth, tooth implants are the more effective option. This is because, unlike dentures and bridges that lack support and are at risk of shifting and even slipping of the mouth, implants provide a firm foundation. The crowns fixed to the implants are firmly held in the jawbone, so they do not have unnecessary movements.

This also makes it comfortable for the patient as they feel and function like the natural teeth. Besides these reasons, implants also enhance the bone replacement cycle which ensures there are no bone loss thus stronger teeth.

How are they applied?

For efficient service, Wilshire Smile Group prefers to have the procedure done to our patients in three stages, which call for three different appointments. On the first appointment, the surgeon will do the surgery on your jawbone to fix the implants. It is at this stage also that the extraction of any previous tooth is done. The operation will either be done while you are on general or local anesthesia. Under local anesthesia, you are numb but awake during the procedure while under general anesthesia you are completely unconscious.

On the second appointment, which will be a few weeks after the first one to allow healing, the surgeon inserts abutments on the implants where the replacement crowns or dentures will be fixed. The surgeon also takes impression and molds of your teeth which will be required in the creating of your permanent crowns.

During the second appointment, however, the surgeon will issue you with temporary crowns which you’ll wear for a bit longer as you await the permanent ones to be processed. You should keep in touch with the dentist in order to know when the crowns are ready for you to go for the final appointment and get them fixed.

The new artificial replacements are just as strong and durable as natural teeth, and with the right care, they can last just as long. Our treatment has been able to restore smiles on thousands of Americans who are today enjoying the benefits of our tooth implant Los Angeles treatment.


Our dental clinic is dedicated to restoring that wonderful smile on your face as your teeth are our concern. Contact us today for your smile make-over.

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