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Pain-Free Oral Surgeons Los Angeles

Oral Surgeons Los Angeles

Most people do not like the idea of visiting a dental facility. This is due to the fear and insecurity associated with dental practices and especially the idea of teeth extractions. Majority of the people can only imagine the pain and discomfort associated with it. Wilshire Smile Group is a distinguished dental practice that seeks to eliminate this worry from you.

Dental procedures do not have to be a worrisome experience. That is why we have introduced perfect measures to ensure your experience in oral surgery is simply fast and stress as well as pain-free. We have some of the best oral surgeons Los Angeles has to offer who are equipped with both the knowledge as well as years of experience to give you just the perfect results. Our center is also equipped with the new advanced equipment to ensure your experience with us is nothing short of perfect.

Tooth Extractions

Teeth extractions are the most common scenario where an oral surgeon would be required. One of the reasons why you would need to have your teeth removed are cases of impacted teeth. This is a condition common in adults that are having their last set of molars sprouting. Decayed teeth are also a reason for teeth extractions.

Our oral surgeons in Los Angeles recommend extraction of badly damaged teeth to avoid more infection as well as present a more appealing appearance. That is why our teeth extractions are linked to teeth replacement services. Depending on the patient’s desires, they can have their damaged teeth extracted, and the gaps fitted with replacement options for an appealing look and restored a smile. We also do teeth extractions in cases of misaligned teeth where sometimes certain dental conditions lead to teeth crowding and misalignments.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery is also referred to as Orthognathic surgery.

Our oral surgeons Los Angeles recommend jaw surgery to severe conditions that require a permanent change in structure to solve certain dental conditions. The conditions that would require jaw surgery include trauma on the jaw, TMJ disorders, and malocclusion which is a condition associated with incorrect bite positioning.

Excessive teeth wearing is also another condition solved by oral surgery. The surgery is also recommended to patients with difficulty in simple mouth movements as well as incorrect jaw positioning which would affect the appearance of a person’s face.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial metal appliances that are inserted into the patient’s jawbone. The implants take the position of the teeth’s roots and provide support for replacement teeth. These are effective treatment options for lost teeth, and our oral surgeons highly recommend them for patients with gaps in the mouth due to lost teeth.

Since the implants are inserted in the jawbone, they bond with it completely providing stability for the replacement crowns. These make the artificial crowns just as strong and efficient as natural teeth making them a perfect solution. Our surgeons will take you through the procedure with expert care and handling, and you are sure to leave our facility a satisfied customer with an amazing smile as proof for it.


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