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Fixing Dental Implants in Los Angeles

Dental implants have become a popular option for patients seeking to correct dental issues.

While there are other dental treatment options available, dental implants have proven to be the most effective. They are a permanent and long-lasting solution for those needing to replace lost, broken or chipped teeth. Fixing dental implants could change your smile forever.

The professional team at Los Angeles Oral Surgeons specialize in providing this type of service, ensuring that patients receive the best care possible. If you have a dental problem, it is essential to seek out the best surgeon in Los Angeles to fix your dental implants.


Fixing Tooth Implants in Los Angeles


Dental Extraction

The surgeon begins the procedure for fixing dental implants by extracting the damaged tooth to make room for the implant.

They then examine any nearby teeth to ensure that their removal will not affect them.

After examination, our surgeon will cleanse the area in preparation for the procedure.

Our oral surgeons are Board Certified and have extensive training and experience in placing dental implants.



To minimize pain and discomfort, our surgeons at Los Angeles Oral Surgeons use local anesthesia to induce mild unconsciousness. This sedation dentistry technique is also useful for patients who cannot endure pain. The sedation helps the surgeon perform the best surgery without making mistakes.


Fixing Dental Implants

The initial step of fixing a dental implant is cutting through the jaw and drilling the jaw bone. Our surgeon will drill a hole in the bone and insert a titanium root. The design of the crown ensures it securely fits into place, replicating the look and feel of a real tooth. After placing the crown, it fits seamlessly into the gap left by the missing tooth.

Dental implants in Los Angeles are performed by the most qualified oral surgeons, like our very own Dr. Nariman Saadat. If you have a chipped tooth, broken tooth, or even missing teeth, ensure that you get a replacement from Los Angeles Oral Surgeons. We will help you achieve the perfect smile you desire.

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