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Comprehensive Dental Surgery Procedures in Los Angeles

In the bustling heart of Los Angeles, oral surgery merges the cosmetic aspirations with essential dental health needs.

While contemporary dental procedures have veered towards laser technology, the precision and effectiveness of oral surgery cannot be understated.

Not every dental professional is equipped for these intricate procedures. Enter the realm of specialized oral surgeons, with Los Angeles Oral Surgeons by Wilshire Smile Studio, led by Dr. Nariman Saadat, being a prime example in the City of Angels.


Common Dental Surgery Procedures in Los Angeles


Gum Graft Surgery

Receding gums can affect both your smile and dental health. Gum graft surgery is the answer, involving the transplantation of tissue to bolster the gum line.

  • Procedure: Multiple sessions, ensuring meticulous treatment planning and execution.
  • Comfort: Administered local anesthesia guarantees a painless experience.
  • Post-procedure: Expert guidance on aftercare and pain management.


TMJ Treatment

TMJ disorders can be debilitating, leading to jaw pain or even lockjaw. Originating mostly from facial traumas, these disorders require expert intervention.

  • Approach: Open joint surgery, aimed at rectifying joint issues.
  • Safety: At Wilshire Smile Studio, general anesthesia ensures a comfortable, pain-free procedure.


Treatment of Oral Wounds

The aftermath of accidents might leave one with wounds in the mouth, necessitating professional attention to prevent infections.


Root Canal Therapy

When tooth decay delves deep, reaching the pulp, it’s not just the tooth at stake but one’s overall well-being.

  • Treatment: Root canal therapy, executed with unparalleled precision.
  • Outcome: Pain alleviation and restoration of dental integrity.


Trust Wilshire Smile Studio for Expert Dental Surgery

From the best TMJ treatment in Los Angeles to meticulous root canals, Dr. Nariman Saadat and his team at Wilshire Smile Studio promise unparalleled expertise.

Elevate your oral health journey with the best in Los Angeles.

Schedule an appointment today or call us at (323) 612-1201.

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