We all dread tooth extraction because before its extraction you have to get that needle on the jaw. The pain from the needle is negligible however compared to the pain one could feel if the tooth was extracted without the anesthesia being administered first. Despite our best attempts to keep our mouth healthy once in a while in our adulthood, we are faced with the tough task of having tooth extraction Los Angeles. When such tough times come, it is essential to find a good dentist who can competently handle the entire procedure like the dentists in Los Angeles, Oral Surgeons.

Tooth extraction Los Angeles

The permanent teeth were intended to forever remain in the mouth, but once in a while, they are damaged beyond repair through decay or trauma. The only solution to save the health of the mouth in such a situation is by extraction of the tooth. The other major factor that results in tooth extraction is a mouth that is crowded. In the crowded mouth, the main aim of removing the teeth is to create space that is enough for the other teeth to be correctly aligned. This usually occurs in situations where the teeth are enormous while compared to the mouth capacity. The third reason that can result to tooth extraction Los Angeles is when the teeth do not emerge above the gum entirely as a result of there being no space for it to develop in line with the others.

When there is a damaged tooth and the decay has gone past the pulp there is a high chance that bacteria can get into the pulp resulting to an infection. Such a situation can be treated using the endodontic root canal procedure if the infection is mild and the use of antibiotics can treat it. If the infection is severe and the antibiotics do not put it under control, then the tooth has to be extracted. When one’s immune system is weak, and the person is expected to have an organ transplant or chemotherapy the risk of infection even to the tooth cannot be taken, and it has to be therefore extracted. When one has the periodontal disease that affects the area surrounding the teeth making them weak, the tooth will also have to be extracted.

Expectations during Tooth Extraction

The dental procedure can be carried out by a dentist or an oral surgeon. The dentist will, however, have to be qualified in surgical matters such as the administration of anesthesia. The area where the tooth is being extracted has to be numbed. For individuals who more than one tooth is being extracted the dentist might opt to use the general anesthesia. The general anesthesia will make the patient numb in the entire body, and they will sleep during the entire procedure. If a tooth becomes impacted the dentists at Los Angeles, Oral Surgeons will break the gum in addition to bone tissue then use forceps to loosen the tooth by rocking it back and forth.

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