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Are you looking for an Expert Oral Surgeon in Los Angeles?

We are a leading oral surgery practice in Los Angeles, ultimately dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care and treatment options. Our highly-skilled and experienced team offers a wide range of oral surgery services in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood. We pride ourselves for putting the patient first, and offering a personalized experience.

We specialize in performing several types of oral surgeries, including dental extractions, All-On-4 surgery, wisdom teeth removal, and dental implant surgery. Only an Expert Oral Surgeon in Los Angeles is fit for these jobs. Look no further than Los Angeles Oral Surgeons.


Dental Extractions

A dental extraction is a form of oral surgery that involves removing a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. They are are one of the most common procedures that we perform. People usually get a dental extraction when a tooth has been damaged beyond repair, due to injury or decay.


All-On-4 Surgery

This innovative procedure is designed for patients who have lost multiple teeth or who are facing complete tooth loss. Our surgeons place four dental implants in the jaw to support a full set of replacement teeth. This procedure offers a permanent, natural-looking solution for patients who want to restore their smile and improve their oral health.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth extractions are the most common procedure. Our team of expert oral surgeons uses the latest techniques and equipment to remove wisdom teeth quickly and safely, with minimal discomfort to the patient. Wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems, including infection, decay, and impaction.


Dental Implants

We specialize in dental implant surgery in Los Angeles. Dental implants are a popular and effective option for replacing missing teeth. Our board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Nariman Saadat has extensive experience in placing dental implants for thousands of patients. We ensure that each implant is placed accurately and safely.


At Los Angeles Oral Surgeons, we take the time to understand each patient’s unique needs and concerns. We work closely with our patients to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets their goals and expectations. If you think you need a dental extraction or implant surgery, you can rely on our team to deliver results. Dr. Nariman Saadat is an Expert Oral Surgeon in Los Angeles with years of experience. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

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