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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Los Angeles

Tooth extraction is one of the most common services in dental clinics today. From young children to grown adults, tooth extraction is quite common throughout Los Angeles.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction can either be done through simple extraction or surgical extraction. Depending on the position of the tooth, the dentist will decide which is the most appropriate method of extraction.

Nonetheless, tooth extraction takes only a single day, and afterward, you can decide whether to get a dental crown or a dental filling.

In tooth extraction, one of the most usual services offered is wisdom tooth extraction, Los Angeles.

A wisdom tooth can be removed for various reasons some of which cannot be prevented.

Reasons for wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth usually grow in our adulthood hence their name. At this point, the dental structure is usually fully formed making the wisdom tooth somewhat unwelcome. One of the main reasons why a wisdom tooth is extracted is if it causes pain.

Due to a toothache

There are times when a wisdom tooth can cause dental pain by affecting the gum as well as adjacent teeth. In such a case, it is always best to get a wisdom tooth extraction, Los Angeles. Dental pain can either be located on the tooth or the surrounding gum. If you feel that your wisdom tooth is causing pain, you can consult Wilshire Smile Group for wisdom tooth extraction Los Angeles. They offer top-notch dental services including tooth replacement.

Due to impacted teeth

As the wisdom tooth grows, it may stop growing midway leaving only half the crown exposed outward. In such a case, the tooth is rarely functional and can be more of a liability than a benefit. Impacted teeth can as well cause other dental complications like crowded teeth which may need further orthodontic treatment to treat. If you have an impacted tooth, you can visit Wilshire Smile Group to get a proper dental checkup and determine whether the tooth is damaging to the dental structure.

Due to tooth decay

Wisdom tooth decay is usually quite dangerous and can cause infection to adjacent teeth very fast. Most of the time, wisdom tooth decay ends up in tooth extraction due to the complexity of root canal therapy on the molars and wisdom teeth. If you detect any cavities on your wisdom teeth or molars, it is always best to visit a dentist in order to eliminate the issue and preserve the health of your teeth. If the decay spreads throughout the tooth, the best solution is a wisdom tooth extraction, Los Angeles.


Due to insufficient space

Wisdom teeth normally grow after the dental structure has fully developed. This means that the dental structure won’t grow any further to accommodate the wisdom tooth. In such a case, the tooth ends up squeezing other teeth leading to crowded teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction Los Angeles should be done before the tooth begins to take up unavailable space in order to prevent teeth crowding.

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From young children to grown adults, tooth extraction is quite common throughout Los Angeles.
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