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Bone Grafting Los Angeles

Bone grafting is a necessary procedure for patients that have undergone bone loss due to various dental conditions such as gum disease, missing teeth, injuries, or accidents.

In order to have dental implants successfully applied in the jawbone, bone graft Los Angeles patients need a strong bone structure to provide anchorage.

Otherwise, the implants will have no support to hold them in place for long.

In such instances, bone grafting is necessary for quality results.

Our Los Angeles Oral Surgeons recommend the procedure to the affected patient, and they smoothly talk them through the procedure.

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    There are various grafting techniques that our surgeons apply depending on the extent of bone loss on each patient. The process required to get the patients to the correct shape and functionality.

    The surgeon may take the bone matter from a part of the patient’s jaw and then transfer it to the site of operation for grafting. It will take about 4 to 12 months, depending on the severity of the case, for the new bone matter to fuse with the rest of the bone. After which the surgeon will perform the dental implant procedure to install the artificial teeth.

    Ridge Expansion

    This is a unique bone grafting procedure that our surgeons have perfected. The procedure involves creating room for the application of implants in the patient’s mouth. In these cases, the jawbone is small and can’t fit dental implants.

    It may have been caused by reabsorption of structural matter in the jaw bone due to years of gaps in the teeth. The surgeon increases the width of the jawbone as required and grafts bone from other areas to facilitate this.

    Types of Bone Grafts

    The surgeon may opt for one of two options while providing a bone grafting procedure.

    This depends on the source of the bone matter to be used in grafting. An autogenous graft refers to a procedure where the bone material is harvested from the patient’s body. This could be from their rib, chin, knee or any other body part.

    The second option is a xenograft. This is when the bone material is gotten from an animal. Both procedures have been verified as safe.

    Normally what causes a bone loss is reabsorption of muscle and tissue on an open socket. By providing bone grafts, the open tooth socket is kept open which encourages the body to create native bone which with time replaces the bone graft.

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