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Sleep Apnea Los Angeles

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that occurs when sleeping. A person suffering from sleep apnea may from time to time stop breathing.

Therefore, the brain may not obtain enough oxygen.

Luckily, sleep apnea is treatable by medical professionals, and we are able to provide sleep apnea Los Angeles treatment procedures for such conditions.

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    An individual can be aware that they are suffering from sleep apnea if they experience some or all of the following symptoms.

    They may experience loud or frequent snoring and silent pauses in breathing. They may also produce choking and gasping sounds while sleeping. The patients also suffer insomnia which is commonly accompanied by a morning headache. These symptoms can easily be self-diagnosed at home.

    After which you can visit us our Los Angeles Oral Surgeons for an accurate medical diagnosis. Lab tests and imaging are often required to depict the same.


    Sleep tests should be conducted on a patient to determine the magnitude of the disorder. Some of the methods used to evaluate these include:

    Nocturnal Polysomnography- This is a procedure that involves hooking the patient to a machine that monitors the heart, lungs, and brain activity. Moreover, it monitors the breathing patterns which are crucial in determining whether one has sleep apnea or not.

    Home Sleep Test- Our doctors may provide you with a simple test to perform at the comfort of your home for the diagnosis of the same. These tests include measuring the heart rate, blood pressure, airflow, and breathing patterns. If the results of the tests are abnormal, our doctors will be able to prescribe therapy without any further testing. The doctor may, however, suggest polysomnography if the results come back as normal


    Sleep apnea has some ways to treat it depending on its severity. For persons with a less severe form of sleep apnea, they are advised to partake in regular physical exercise which helps improve cardiovascular health and reduce obesity-related risks. However, if the sleep apnea is at an alarming stage, the Los Angeles Oral Surgeons consists of specialists who are equipped with the knowledge and experience to give the best sleep apnea Los Angeles procedures. The following procedures may be suggested to patients suffering from sleeping apnea.

    Tonsillectomy which is a procedure that involves the removal of tonsils from the patient by surgical method.

    The patient’s adenoids may also need to be extracted.

    The patient may also undergo Palatoplasty which is the repair of a cleft palate, a common birth defect.

    Alternatively one can seek our supportive care which includes the use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) this is a machine that pumps a steady flow of oxygen through the nose hence relieving any breathing problems when sleeping. Moreover one can try airway management which involves the clearing of any obstructions that may be in the trachea, e.g. food, fluids or any other obstructions. This is usually a top priority during emergency situations.


    If you do have a loved one who is struggling with the above symptoms, you can refer them to sleeping apnea Los Angeles for top notch and quality services provided by our ever available and esteemed doctors.

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