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Our Oral Surgeon Makes Your Dental Experience Painless and Anxiety-Free

About a third of Americans don’t even see a dentist once a year, usually over their fear of what they think might be an unpleasant experience. But this anxiety is unnecessary because our team of dentists, including our oral surgeon, will make any procedure painless.

Neglecting one’s oral health can cause serious consequences, often unnoticed or even felt until eventually the results are cavities, severe periodontal (gum) disease, significant pain, and tooth loss.

Our office uses a wide variety of approaches specific to each patient’s needs before and during treatment. For many dental procedures, from filling cavities to placing veneers, a local anesthetic will reduce patient discomfort. Some patients may prefer nitrous oxide, which can be inhaled to stay relaxed. Others who are especially sensitive may prefer to take oral sedation in mild or strong pill or liquid form.

When our oral surgeon is required for procedures such as complex tooth extractions, dental implants, bone grafting, or full mouth rehabilitation, your doctor will administer the appropriate amount of sedative and analgesic (painkiller) as an intravenous sedation to completely address any concerns about anxiety or pain. This will be carefully monitored to ensure absolute safety.

You can always trust that you will be in the most caring and professional hands at Wilshire Smile Studio.

To explore your dental needs and appropriate sedation, call 323-DENTIST (336-8478).

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