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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Los Angeles

A patient in need of any prosthetics in the mouth such as dentures needs some bit of procedures on their mouths to prepare them for the dentures.

This is called pre-prosthetic surgery. Typically, our mouth and gums have been designed to adjust with the current shape of the mouth.

This means that when you lose a tooth and fail to replace it, the open socket will soon regenerate and with time gum matter will have grown over the gum reducing the space and changing the structure of the jawbone and gum.

Our Oral Surgery Los Angeles surgeons offer the best pre-prosthetic surgery Los Angeles has to offer.

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    Why you need Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

    Usually, prosthetics are expensive and patients, therefore, expect them to last a long time. To enable this, we have to ensure that your mouth conditions are appropriate for the particular prosthetic you are going for.

    For one, dentures are placed on the gum line which is also called the alveolar ridge. If you had an open socket, there is a chance that this gum line has resorbed and there would be no space for the dentures.

    For treatment to be possible, we can plan and do a pre-prosthetic bone grafting surgery to enable you to support the set of dentures comfortably.


    Some procedures can be done to achieve a successful prosthetic surgery. Some of the most common ones contain the removal of extra gum tissue, bone grafting, and reconstruction, smoothing and shaping of the bone, sinus augmentation as well as gum and tissue grafting. Sometimes the exposure of an impacted tooth, if there be one, may also be a necessary procedure.

    The procedures may be painful, but we offer sedation and anesthetic options for the patient. Depending on the nature of the procedure and whether or not the patient is needed awake, we can choose between a local or general anesthesia during treatment.

    Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Effect

    The procedures are usually outpatients, and we perform them in our offices after which the patient can get their desired prosthetics. Following the system, the patient may experience pain and discomfort in the mouth.

    Our surgeons offer pain relievers for the pain for use in the few days after the surgery. Sometimes the surgeons also prescribe antibiotics, and these should be taken in full dose as directed by the surgeon. Our surgeons also send you home with a post-operation instruction sheet which you are expected to follow in the recovery stage for perfect results.


    Our Los Angeles Oral Surgeons are certified and experienced to do any medical procedure on you successfully. Visit our LA offices today and book an appointment with our surgeons for a no-obligation consultation.

    Our friendly staff will sensibly listen to what you have to say, and they will guide you on the best course of action to take. You will also learn more about the procedures involved in pre-prosthetic surgery Los Angeles treatments, and we will help you make the best decision regarding your dental prosthetics journey.

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