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Tackling Dental Dilemmas: The Power of Dental Surgery in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Oral Surgeons holds the key to transforming your smile. Our expert oral surgeons in Los Angeles address a variety of dental issues through surgical interventions, significantly improving your oral health and overall appearance.


Solving Dental Concerns through Surgery

A myriad of dental issues can prompt you to seek dental surgery in Los Angeles.

  1. Accidental teeth loss or missing teeth
  2. Tooth cavities
  3. Root canal concerns, where a tooth’s root is filled with pulp
  4. Dental implants, tailor-made to integrate with the jawbone (read more)
  5. Oral cancer detection and removal (read more)
  6. Denture placement
  7. Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth (read more)
  8. Teeth removal (read more)
  9. Jaw surgery for injury, oral facial conditions, and malocclusion
  10. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) (read more)
  11. Periodontal gum disease or infection
  12. Bridging to cover gaps between teeth
  13. Lip cancer


The Journey through Dental Surgery in Los Angeles

Our oral surgeons ensure your comfort throughout the procedure by administering anesthesia.

We use advanced diagnostic tools like x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs to understand your dental conditions better.

After the surgery, we provide specific post-operative instructions to help you maintain your oral health and prevent potential infections (read more).


Cost of Dental Surgery in Los Angeles

Costs for dental surgery in Los Angeles may vary, ranging from $75 to $4,000 per tooth. Factors affecting the cost include your dental insurance, the type of dental work required, the case’s severity, and your overall dental condition.

At Los Angeles Oral Surgeons, we pride ourselves on affordability and offer a variety of payment plans to suit your needs. Just contact us at (323) 612-1201 or book an appointment to discuss your situation. We’d love to help.


The Perks and Pitfalls of Dental Surgery in Los Angeles

Undergoing dental surgery comes with an array of benefits:

  1. Enhanced oral appearance
  2. Easier chewing and biting
  3. Improved facial aesthetics
  4. Boosted self-esteem with a new smile
  5. Reduction of chronic toothache and jaw pain
  6. Improved speech


Despite these advantages, dental surgery may have a few potential drawbacks, such as sinus problems, prolonged bleeding, site infections, nerve damage, and the cost. However, with our very own expert oral surgeon Dr. Nariman Saadat at the helm, we aim to minimize these risks and provide positive, long-lasting outcomes for your dental health in Los Angeles.


Reach out to us today for all your dental surgery needs. Your perfect smile is just a surgery away!


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