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Facial Trauma Los Angeles

Injuries to the face are the conditions that we generally refer to as facial trauma.

Like many other conditions affecting your teeth and face, facial trauma may cause a lot of discomforts as it makes you self-conscious in front of people, may affect how you express yourself and this definitely kills your self-esteem.

However, our Los Angeles Oral Surgeons, have the solution for you.

With the high technology, we have at our practice, compounded with our surgeons’ experience and highly commendable experience, you have assured of the best facial trauma Los Angeles treatment procedures.

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    Types of Facial Trauma

    The surgeons at our practice generally classify facial trauma into three categories. These are soft tissue injuries, bone injuries and injuries to the teeth. Regardless of the condition, our surgeons are equipped to give you professional care and treatment and to get your brilliant natural appearance back.

    Soft Tissue Injuries

    These are the injuries occurring on areas on the face. Injuries to the patient’s gum are also placed in this category. Our surgeons use fine sutures in the surgery to reduce visible scarring and to maintain the patient’s cosmetic look. Our Los Angeles Oral Surgeons are experienced, and they have the necessary understanding of the facial structure.

    They are careful in their procedures to diagnose and treat the more delicate parts such as nerves, and the salivary glands and ducts. This ensures that the patient maintains essential functionality after treatment.

    Bone Injuries

    Our surgeons are also qualified to deal with cases comprising of complex facial fracture and bone injuries. Most of the procedures involved here relate to the jaw where we are able to provide corrective jaw surgery.

    Our surgeons are well conversant with the facial anatomy and many years of practice makes us your best facial trauma Los Angeles treatment option.

    Teeth Injuries

    It is now possible to restore lost or displaced teeth. Our surgeons are able to achieve this by inserting the teeth using wiring.

    The displaced teeth can also be put back into place by bonding. Our Los Angeles Oral Surgeons also do dental implant surgeries for cases where the lost teeth cannot be restored.

    Car Accident Facial Trauma Treatments

    Car accidents are the major cause of facial trauma in people. Though the fatality of car accidents has been greatly reduced today by use of airbags, injuries to the face are barely unavoidable.

    Some of the injuries that occur from these are broken jaws, missing teeth, broken noses, sinus damage, and eye socket as well as cheekbone fracture. These conditions require the expertise of a qualified surgeon, and we have a number of them at our disposal.

    In most cases after accidents occur, priority is put on the emergency cases, and after the patients have been stabilized, the job of facial reconstruction is left to us. The patient may not realize it, but it may take a while before their natural look is restored.

    Our surgeons also work the lawyers handling the injury claim by explaining to them the procedures involved in the treatment. That way the patient can get the benefits of the treatment without much financial strain.

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