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TMJ Los Angeles

TMJ is the joint that controls the movement of the mouth. It is also known as the temporomandibular joint.

This is the joint that enables the opening and closing of the mouth, and it is involved in the normal functioning of the mouth such as chewing, biting, talking, and even yawning.

If this joint becomes irritated as a result of an accident or health condition, it may cause the patient a lot of discomfort in simple mouth movements.

There are some signs and symptoms that could point to a TMJ disorder and affected patients should seek TMJ Los Angeles treatment from the qualified personnel at Los Angeles Oral Surgeons.

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    Signs and Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

    Common signs of TMJ disorders are clicking sounds when opening and closing the mouth, headaches, chronic migraines, and as well as “ringing” in the ears.

    You may also experience sharp pains in the area where the lower jaw connects to the skull, just under the ears. Teeth grinding is also a condition associated with TMJ disorder so patients should be on the lookout for this too.

    In severe cases caused by TMJ disorders, the pain may spread to the neck, back, and shoulders.

    Sometimes the patient suffers from numbness in the arms, hands, and fingers. Any of these signs and symptoms may be caused by TMJ disorder.

    Patients experiencing symptoms should take their concerns to an oral surgeon.

    The disorders could be as a result of another medical condition, and the visit to the surgeon is beneficial as the surgeon looks into the actual cause of the disorders thus offering efficient treatment.

    Treatment Options

    Once the surgeon has assessed each individual’s case, they will suggest the most suitable procedure for each patient.

    Depending on the severity of the situation the surgeon may either suggest a surgical or non-surgical approach.

    Surgical Treatment

    Surgeons may recommend surgery as the most appropriate TMJ Los Angeles treatment option. The procedure recommended include surgery to reposition the jaw and achieve the correct bite position.

    Orthodontics is also an option in helping the patient get natural and correct teeth alignment which could be leading to TMJ disorder. Though the surgical procedures are highly effective, the oral surgeon will only recommend them for very severe cases where the jaw can’t open.

    Non-Surgical Treatment

    This is normally the preferred option in most cases. Though it doesn’t offer a permanent solution to the complication. It serves to relieve the patient of the pain and discomfort associated with TMJ disorder.

    The surgeon will first administer pain relievers, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory meds to soothe the affected muscles. In severe cases, the surgeon sometimes has to inject a steroid into the patient’s jaw to relieve the pain and inflammations. The surgeon then suggests self-care home exercises for the patient to help return their mouth to its normal functionality.

    Soft foods are recommended to the patient to avoid straining the jaw. Other exercises will include relaxing the affected area with ice and posture exercises.

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